Lenovo Laptops for Under $500

Looking for a cheap but reliable laptop? Whether its to get ahead at school or work, many are in need of these wonderful and convenient little machines. Consider purchasing a refurbished Lenovo laptop for under 500 dollars. Lenovo laptops are known for their quality and durability. Made by one of the world’s largest technology companies, these laptops come with an impressive array of features and are thoughtfully designed. There are several available to meet your specific needs. Whatever need you are looking to fill, there is a Lenovo brand laptop for you.
Laptops are quite convenient and have become essential to everyday life; mainly because of their portability. We use them to tackle huge projects for work and school, play games, and to stay connected with friends and family members while we are on the go. (more…)

Second Hand Laptops Under $500

If you want all the benefits of a new computer without the heavy price tag second hand laptops under $500 are perfect for you. Sellers emphasize their used computer’s benefits as they demonstrate them when they are asked to do so. Older model computers are ideal for people with little knowledge of how to use them as well as those who want a machine to type documents when they need to do so. You will likely find yourself purchasing brand new laptops at second hand prices depending on their quality or consumer demand at home. There are plenty of popular brands for you to choose from depending on your personal taste and budget. Take advantage of the great deals as you browse the internet hoping to find the perfect machine for you. Managers will order specific computers knowing it is in their best interest to do so. Staff will happily answer your questions over the phone or in person during the week. (more…)

How to Find Cheap Laptops Under $500 on eBay

New-ebay-LogoOnline auction sites such as eBay have been a great benefit for anybody who is looking for a bargain, but with certain items can still be tricky to find at a good price. Computers are a perfect example of this – is finding laptops under $500 on eBay really possible? The simple answer is that yes, it is.

Once you arrive at the eBay website, click “electronics” on the top row; from the new page, highlight the “computers/tablets/networking” link on the left-hand column and then select “laptops and netbooks”. This will take you to a section dedicated entirely to portable computers – if you wish, you will be able to narrow the category by manufacturer.

The next step is to narrow the field by price. If you look on the left, you will notice a field with two boxes for minimum and maximum price; simply enter $500 into the maximum box and click the button: you will be well on your way to finding top quality laptops under $500 on eBay. Sites such as Engadget and LaptopNinja can help aid you when doing research on what laptop models are available.

To refine your search even further, make use of the “condition” boxes on the left. With these, you will be able to pick a brand new laptop, or a cheaper used one, or a seller refurbished model, or even a laptop that is good only for spare parts(if that happens to be what you are looking for).

So, as you can see, locating an inexpensive laptop on eBay is much simpler and more straightforward procedure than it may first seem.




Buget Laptop Manufacturers; $500 or Less

With technology growing exponentially and the prices of computers and electronics diving every year, there are several top budget laptop manufacturers where you can find high-quality notepads that are very powerful and will not break your bank. From newer companies like ASUS to more well-known brands like Toshiba, you will find great deals both on the internet and at your local Best Buy. (more…)

HP Laptops Under $500

The HP brand has long been a reputable one when it comes to getting different types of consumer electronics. This is why many customers will be interested in learning more about the different types of laptops that they can secure from there. There are many excellent HP laptops under $500 that will fulfill everything that consumers may need to get. Consumers should do a little preliminary research when it comes to choosing the best of these models. They should consider the different types of technical specs that are made available by the HP company. This can help them inform their choice, whether they are buying this laptop for themselves or as a gift. (more…)

Quality Acer Laptops Under $500

Thanks to the plummeting prices of technology, one no longer has to spend a fortune for powerful, high-quality lap tops. In fact, when compared to the prices of even 10 years ago, you can get them for just a fraction of the price. One can usually get them for well under $400, and there are even some that fall under the $500 range and with terrific specs! (more…)

What Laptop Specs to Lookout for Under $500

Consumers who do not know what laptop specs to look out for under 500 dollars need to perform basic research to determine the best options. The rapid advances in technology has caused prices charged for hardware to decrease over time. There are many options to consider when looking at laptops which are available for consumers. One thing to keep in mind is various tips can be used to make sure a selection is the right choice. Proper research is needed as consumers often have different preferences and needs.

This is a basic component of a laptop that will range in size based on product price. Many laptops have a hard drive that is between 350 gigabytes and 500 gigabytes. This is more than enough space to install basic programs and various games. One aspect about what laptop specs to look for under 500 dollars is how the machine will be used. Most college kids often do not want a large desktop in a dorm room and will benefit from a decent performing laptop. A larger hard drive means a more expensive product.


Laptops that are under 500 dollars will have between 2 gigabytes and 4 gigabytes of memory. This will be enough to run the latest operating systems and many types of programs. One thing to consider is the ability to upgrade the memory. However, laptops with 4 gigabytes of RAM will perform better than laptops that only have 2 gigabytes of RAM.


There are various types of processors found on laptops under 500 dollars. Most processors will be Intel or AMD. However, these will be single core or a dual-core. One thing to keep in mind is models which are at the lower end or performance often have a slower processor. A lower processor will typically not be good for playing many modern role-playing games.


Laptops that are refurbished often have higher-quality components based on the model. A laptop which is refurbished cannot be sold as new. This means a refurbished laptop can be the same price as a model that is under 500 dollars. However, the hardware has been tested and verified as operational.