Consumers who do not know what laptop specs to look out for under 500 dollars need to perform basic research to determine the best options. The rapid advances in technology has caused prices charged for hardware to decrease over time. There are many options to consider when looking at laptops which are available for consumers. One thing to keep in mind is various tips can be used to make sure a selection is the right choice. Proper research is needed as consumers often have different preferences and needs.

This is a basic component of a laptop that will range in size based on product price. Many laptops have a hard drive that is between 350 gigabytes and 500 gigabytes. This is more than enough space to install basic programs and various games. One aspect about what laptop specs to look for under 500 dollars is how the machine will be used. Most college kids often do not want a large desktop in a dorm room and will benefit from a decent performing laptop. A larger hard drive means a more expensive product.

Laptops that are under 500 dollars will have between 2 gigabytes and 4 gigabytes of memory. This will be enough to run the latest operating systems and many types of programs. One thing to consider is the ability to upgrade the memory. However, laptops with 4 gigabytes of RAM will perform better than laptops that only have 2 gigabytes of RAM.

There are various types of processors found on laptops under 500 dollars. Most processors will be Intel or AMD. However, these will be single core or a dual-core. One thing to keep in mind is models which are at the lower end or performance often have a slower processor. A lower processor will typically not be good for playing many modern role-playing games.

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