How to Find Cheap Laptops Under $500 on eBay

New-ebay-LogoOnline auction sites such as eBay have been a great benefit for anybody who is looking for a bargain, but with certain items can still be tricky to find at a good price. Computers are a perfect example of this – is finding laptops under $500 on eBay really possible? The simple answer is that yes, it is.

Once you arrive at the eBay website, click “electronics” on the top row; from the new page, highlight the “computers/tablets/networking” link on the left-hand column and then select “laptops and netbooks”. This will take you to a section dedicated entirely to portable computers – if you wish, you will be able to narrow the category by manufacturer.

The next step is to narrow the field by price. If you look on the left, you will notice a field with two boxes for minimum and maximum price; simply enter $500 into the maximum box and click the button: you will be well on your way to finding top quality laptops under $500 on eBay. Sites such as Engadget and LaptopNinja can help aid you when doing research on what laptop models are available.

To refine your search even further, make use of the “condition” boxes on the left. With these, you will be able to pick a brand new laptop, or a cheaper used one, or a seller refurbished model, or even a laptop that is good only for spare parts(if that happens to be what you are looking for).

So, as you can see, locating an inexpensive laptop on eBay is much simpler and more straightforward procedure than it may first seem.




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