Buget Laptop Manufacturers; $500 or Less

With technology growing exponentially and the prices of computers and electronics diving every year, there are several top budget laptop manufacturers where you can find high-quality notepads that are very powerful and will not break your bank. From newer companies like ASUS to more well-known brands like Toshiba, you will find great deals both on the internet and at your local Best Buy.

ASUS makes great computers, many of which come under the price of $500. The common complaint about ASUS is the bloatware that comes with the notebooks and the configuration of the keyboard, but after getting used to the new design, many users come to love this company. Many of the cheaper laptops, such as the ASUS X102BA-BH41T Touchscreen Laptop, come with a sleek, compact design, up to 5 hours of battery life, loaded with Office Home and Student, and a super-fast 3.0USB port. A great company with fantastic budget models that can do it all.

Toshiba is a great and reliable company as evidenced by the fact of their longevity and great customer reviews. Toshiba offers wide variety of potent laptops at inexpensive prices. In fact, back in 2011, Toshiba launched a specific line of budget laptops. The star of this line-up is the Mini MB505 Netbook. Small, compact and powerful this unit is perfect for students. It possesses a 10″ screen, which is impressive for such a compact machine. A drawback is that it has only 1GB of memory, but for this price it is a real bargain.

Honorable mentions are Dell and HP. Both companies also have lines of budget laptops, but are on average more expensive than Toshiba and ASUS with similar specs. ASUS and Toshiba were also ranked as the highest by customers when I researched, read ratings, and looked at reviews. Having used all 4 brands listed here, I agree with most people that ASUS and Toshiba are the best bet when looking for budget laptop manufacturers.

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